Guided self-care

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are a set of five influences which can improve our overall wellbeing and are presented to be able to apply to our lives in a practical way. These are  – social relationships, physical activity, awareness, learning, and giving. They can be applied for the betterment of self, to all lifestyles, cultures and religions. The New Economics Foundation in the UK found through their research these five influences in our daily lives can have a profound and lasting positive effect.

Who is the New Economics Foundation?
 This British foundation works with people to bring about wanted social, economic and environmental change and conducts research to support its claims –

Check out each of these to find out what they can do for you and how to use them in your life.


A shared experience with family or friends will help improve connection with them and create wonderful memories. Go and do something fun or have a great chat! Invest time in the people around you. You can also take a moment for yourself to connect with nature, meditate, pray or just stop for a while to reconnect with yourself and your thoughts.


Being active doesn’t have to be dragging yourself out for a day of full-on activity, it can be a result of doing something that takes your fancy, like chasing a sunset for the perfect photo or finding a cascading waterfall. Getting outdoors, going for a walk, bike ride, or finding somewhere new to explore, can help you be active and improve your overall wellbeing.
Try different options to discover what makes you feel good.


Notice the detail. Savour the flavour. Reflect on your day. Being present in the moment can be difficult, with a busy life and a million thoughts, requests and a to-do list buzzing in your head. Giving yourself time away from all the fuss of life can help you take a deep breath and take notice of what’s happening right in front of you, enjoy the moment, and live a little better.


When you begin to discover how glorious this little country is, you’ll start unearthing the nurturing little pockets of New Zealand to just be, to escape to, to awaken your soul and learn about yourself, others & your environment. There are many opportunities for learning in New Zealand alongside amazing new experiences. Learning is a byproduct of your mindful, authentic, journey.


Get creative with this one – what value can you offer? This does not mean only money. Giving your time, energy and thoughts will fill you with confidence, hope and a sense of purpose. Give your time to your children, and do something fun with them. Give by supporting local businesses. Volunteer on a community project or good cause. Take your friends or family on an adventure. Give yourself some time out, an escape or pampering.