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Have you ever stumbled upon a place which makes you pause; like its awoken you, asking you to notice that moment?

Welcome to Little Pocket, this is where we inspire and empower people to flourish in themselves by exploring and immersing in the abundance of Aotearoa New Zealand. This beautiful country is bursting with amazing little pockets of paradise which can help you feel more connected, fulfilled and refreshed. We are here to let you in on those local, awe-worthy spots for soulful experiences where you can relax, adventure, strengthen and challenge yourself in your healthy lifestyle.

five ways to wellbeing

Wanting more from your holiday?

We have sought out Aotearoa New Zealands most idyllic, wellbeing replenishing experiences and tranquil surroundings for you. And, to make sure you have the enrichening experience your dreaming of, we have included at the top of each experience page, The Five Ways to Wellbeing icons. These indicate what opportunities you have there to enhance your personal experience, and leave you feeling renewed.

Our difference

A Refreshing Alternative

We are not your average tourism website. We specialise in presenting a whole new world of locally owned and operated opportunity to you – a soul-restoring range of natural, eco-friendly and rejuvenating adventures and retreats that rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.