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17 Essentials to Pack for Travel in NZ


First things first – check the weather. This little island nation has some pretty changeable weather patterns! When packing for a trip in NZ, we suggest packing layers of clothing so you can add-on or strip off what you need. Also, let someone else who isn’t joining you on your travels know where you are going, if possible, and on what dates.

Backpack / day bag – a few different compartments and little pockets is easiest so you aren’t pulling everything out, to get to the bottom of the bag, for that one thing you need.

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Decent footwear / hiking boots (there are endless, magnificent tracks and trails to journey!) + jandels (for the casual times in hot days) + water shoes (as an island nation encircled in coastline with beautiful beaches, but also lakes, rivers and streams, water shoes are a must)

Warm clothing – layers – think micro-fleece, thermals and woollen/merino singlets, long sleeve tops and jerseys plus thick socks and a warm hat.

Only pack cotton pieces (including denim) as an extra for putting on top of thermals or if it became a hot day – cotton is not suitable if weather changes and you get wet, as it won’t keep you warm, therefore shouldn’t be warn for warmth/for decent walks.

Wind and water proof jacket – NZ can have four seasons in a day, be prepared for anything!

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Active wear for anytime, anywhere ability to do activities and travel in comfort

Insect repellent – we have heaps of the little suckers – sandflies and mosquitos. The west coast particularly! Keep it without and you’ll thank us later!

First aid kit – a little first aid kit which includes (buy some if yours doesn’t have it) bug bite cream to soothe itchy bites, antihistimine’s and sunburn cream (just incase!). When travelling NZ, there are lots of places that don’t have medical centres or might be closed when you need them. Having a first aid kit is pretty helpful for minor accidents or a temporary safety measure just until you can get some help.

Also popping in a survival blanket is a good idea, especially if you’re caught in the weather, these can save your life.

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Personal medication Inhaler for asthma, diabetes medicines, epipen for allergies, etc.

A little rubbish bag – to take your rubbish with you or find a bin.

Sunscreen and SPF lip balm – The UV rays in NZ are harsh. Not me, I don’t burn! We hear you say, trust us on this one, sun protection is key to avoiding a painful burn!

Sun hat and sunglasses

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Togs (swimwear) and a quick-dry towel

Food and water/drink bottle (lots of NZ doesn’t have shops handy or open all hours, so its important to keep supplies with you) + picnic blanket– so many amazing places to stop and lunch!

Books or reading device – you never know where you might want to just pull up a piece of paradise and fall into a story. Download NZ native bird books and song sounds so you can spot which bird is which, when you encounter them.

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Camera and/or phone with a map of where you are going or take a paper map with you

A power bank which is a portable charger to charge your electronic devices when you’re not sat close to power socket

A personal locator beacon – We’ve added this here because they’re cheap to hire and invaluable if you need them, even on day walks!

When packing for a trip in NZ and you’re planning on tramping or hiking multi-day trips, know that these require much more packing than day hiking.

Personal Locator beacons are essential – always hire one and take it with you on multi days walks. If you are an inexperienced tramper, ups to you for heading off on an adventure, but be sure you have packed correctly. If you aren’t sure where to start, look into hiring a guide, to either take you on the walk or for advice. You can also check out Search and Rescue New Zealands Adventuresmart website or the New Zealand Department of Conservations website page overnight and multi-day tramp gear list, for excellent help and advice.

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