Charming & Natural Matakana Coast


Matakana Village

Matakana, the main town of the Matakana Coast, is a charming, country village with a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, only one hour by car, from Auckland. The vintage meets modern character of Matakana feels both inspiring and special. The Matakana river weaves through the little township and right past one of the oldest in NZ, and most renowned, farmers markets. It’s open 8am–1pm each Saturday through any weather the skies bless it with! Support the locals here who are offer a glistening, enormous range of incredible options to choose from – coffee, eggs, peanut butter, olive oil, whitebait, fresh flowers, kefir, fresh produce, cheese, bags, burgers… we could go on but you’re better to go and see for yourself. Farmers markets are eco-friendly, sustainable, often organic and GE free plus they support the people around you. Its a win-win situation. This place is an absolute treat.



View from Bastion Point over the harbour and Auckland CBD

Pakari Beach

Pakiri beach on the east coast of the northern Auckland region, is a seemingly endless beach, with mountains of gorgeous white sand, space and excellent surf. You can sit on the beach and spot with marine wildlife frolicking in the water, immerse yourself in the year-round warm waters or even head off for a horse ride. Just over an hour from Auckland, this would make a great day trip or spend a bit more time and experience the rest of this blissful coastal-countryside area.


Albert Park and CBD of Auckland City

Tāwharanui Regional Park


Get amongst this: Gentle, undulating coastal countryside leading down to white sandy beaches, grand vista’s all over the nature park and out to the deep, blue Hauraki Gulf, where you may spot cruising whales and playful dolphins. Head to Anchor Bay where many of the options of this diverse little pockets of the regional park begin.

 The ecology trail is a path which takes you over an open bank of grassy hills, through native bush alive with bird song and a grove of nīkau trees. Theres a wide open outlook towards the headland of Tāwharanui Peninsula and over Anchor Bay which is home to the Tāwharanui Marine Reserve. If it is low tide, there is an option for you to fellow the yellow markers, do some rock hopping and experience the coastline up close. Start at the little cottage which is Sanctuary Hut, this is where you can learn about the area and its heritage, the ecological efforts being made here, aswell as the flora and fauna.

Tāwharanui Marine Reserve is an area of nearly 400 hectares of protected ocean on the northern coast of the Tāwharanui Peninsula. This is wonderful place for experiencing an untouched, wild sea by swimming, diving, snorkelling and surfing.

Tāwharanui West End Path is another trail which takes you up the hills for beautiful coastal views over some of the Hauraki Gulfs islands. To get to Takatu Point Lookout for expansive views of the gulf and to try spot whales and dolphins, take the North Coast track starting from Sanctuary Hut. You’re also welcome to mountain bike the trails, just not on the bush tracks.

From the Sanctuary Hut check out the open sanctuary, protected by a predator proof fence. There is a young but growing Takahē population, who are able to live freely. Takahē are an endangered species, thought to be extinct for nearly 50 years. The 1948 rediscovery of Takahē in Fiordland’s Murchison Mountains, sparked wildlife conservation efforts for these large, flightless birds, saving their species. So they’re pretty special and rare little guys.

To enhance your purposeful experience, volunteer to help at any of NZ’s many regional parks. This is great way to have a mindful break from your normal routine, experience the kindness of paying it forward to the next generation, learning and connecting with others on a similar journey.

Little Oneroa Beach with white sandy beach and beautiful blue sea

Goat Island / Te Hāwere-a-Maki


A very little, little pocket island, just off the Matakana Coast. Surrounded by protected, clear, blue waters of the marine reserve, this is a special place for diving and snorkelling with schools of lovely, colourful fish dancing in the water – a spectacle, just for you.

Photo credit – photo credit Camilla Rutherford



Goat Island - photo credit Camilla Riuherford
photo credit Camilla Riuherford

Kawau Island


Kawau Island is a historic reserve and a well established island. Inhabited since mid 1800’s, this island was initially home to a mine site, for manganese. However, copper, an extremely valuable metal was accidentally discovered and then this became main focus. The mine can still be viewed today on the seashore of Miners Bay.

Today Kawau island has lots of tranquil, native bush with walking tracks, taking you over the island to beaches and Māori Pa sites – historic defensive settlements, often fortified.

There is a conversation effort happening here to clear the island of wallabies and allow the natural ecosystems of native species to again regenerate and flourish! The island is full of seabirds and land loving birds, native fauna and marine wildlife. The flippered locals like to come a greet you here, showing off their playful diving skills! Dolphins are friendly, curious animals; as are Orcas who here frequent here too.

Getting to this historic little pocket is done via water taxi or sea plane.

Kawau Island

Beehive / Taungamaro Island


Beehive / Taungamaro Island is an iconic, perfect little island just off the Kawau Island coast. This almond shaped island has concentrated trees and bushes at its centre, with the classic white sand beach and, at low tide a rocky outcrop, surrounding the greenery, meeting warm, turqouise water! A fantastic place to escape the rat race too for some swimming, sunbathing or snorkelling, or for some extra fast fun – jet ski!

Beehive / Taungamaro Island

When are you booking to visit the charming and natural, Matakana Coast?

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