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The awe-inspiring landscape and natural treasures of New Zealand never fail to amaze. From being home to majestic waterfalls and charming towns, this country also features some of the best natural hot springs! However, having a large variety of options to choose from, it can be quite hard to decide where to go. And that is precisely why we are here today- to highlight 22 of the best hot springs in New Zealand and help you decide which you should place on top of your itinerary list. Consider this the ultimate guide to discovering New Zealand’s natural gems, and get inspired to plan your trip as soon as you can!

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Couple relax in hot pool

Image Credit: Destination Great Lake Taupō

New Zealand’s Geothermal Wonders

Natural hot springs are often described as ‘gifts from the earth’. They are volcanic thermal pools of underground water, which New Zealanders deeply value since early settlement times. Traditionally, hot springs in New Zealand were used for bathing and cooking, as well as for preparing flax for weaving. They have high mineral content, which is proven to have various health benefits thanks to the minerals’ medicinal properties. In modern times, the water from hot pools is used for treating different pains and aches, as well as for relaxation.

So, if you are interested in experiencing the immense benefits of hot springs in New Zealand, we genuinely hope that this overview of the best of them will inspire you to start packing for your trip here. At the very least, going through our extensive list will save you plenty of time, as you won’t need to sift through websites to gather all the information you need. So, just sit back and relax as you explore the rejuvenating world of natural springs in New Zealand.

Best Hot Springs in New Zealand

Below, we have listed the most popular natural retreats in North and Sound Island (free and paid), ready for you to visit and indulge in their rewarding benefits. Regardless of which you end up choosing, we’re sure you’ll like the unique best wellness experience. And in case you prefer the convenience of travelling by car, don’t forget to check with our friends from Snap car rental!

1. Hot Water Beach

This is, perhaps, the most popular hot spring in the country, located on the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. The reason why it’s named Hot Water Beach is because the water is right below the sand’s surface. All you have to do is dig in the right spot and relax in the warm water that slowly emerges.

Hot Water Beach

2. The Lost Spring

Located in Whitianga, on the Coromandel Peninsula, The Lost Spring is a true natural oasis. You can reach the place by taking a short walk from the beach, uncovering the majestic 16,000-year-old natural hot spring. By paying $60, you’ll get to swim through the largest pool, which will help you discover the Amethyst Cave, where you can marvel at the purple crystals and stalactite structures.

3. Rotorua Secret Hot Springs

Are you looking for a private oasis to indulge in? Then Rotorua Secret is the place that will provide you with the ultimate spa treatment. The place features 12 private hot tubs that can fit up to 6 people- perfect if you’re travelling with a group of friends or family. In case you are travelling alone, you are free to enjoy in a mini cedar hot tub. The entrance fee is quite affordable- $39 per adult and $14 per kid.

Travelling from Auckland? Check out this private tour which focuses on healing and relaxing, and includes Rotorua Secret Hot Springs experience in forest bathing.

    Rotorua Secret Hot Pools

    Image Credit: Graeme Murray

    4. Mangatutu Hot Springs Campsite

    Mangatutu is a basic campsite offering free hot pools. It’s a popular camping, picnic and fishing spot near Mohaka River and the Kaweka Forest Park. It can easily become your ideal destination if you’re looking for a little adventure besides soaking up in your own hot pool.

    5. Otumuheke Stream

    This spa thermal park is located in Taupo and is convincingly one of the best places to enjoy the stunning natural setting. Here, you’ll be able to soak in the hot pools of the Otumuheke Stream and it will cost you absolutely nothing! What is more, the place is only a 5-minute drive from the centre of Taupo, giving you one more thing to do while exploring the area. The thermal park is open from 7am to 8pm, giving you the freedom to visit it at your convenience.

    Couple in Otumeheke Stream

    Image Credit: Destination Great Lake Taupō

    6. Polynesian Spa

    Considered the birthplace of tourism, this place is one of the best hot springs in New Zealand. Outdoor pools have been known for their ultimate relaxation and health benefits since the 1880s. It’s located on the shores of Lake Rotorua and features 30 mineral pools that are filled with water from natural springs. People often visit Polynesian Spa to treat chronic pain, and the alkaline water is also helpful for nourishing the skin.

      Sunset spa time

      Image credit: Rotorua Tourism

      7. Hell’s Gate Geothermal Reserve and Mud Spa

      Another gem of Rotorua, the Hell’s Gate, is popular not only for its natural hot springs but also for the incredible views over the untouched nature surrounding. Here, you’ll receive the unique opportunity to learn more about the history of the springs and their healing properties, which makes for a holistic, rejuvenating experience.

        Hells Gate Geothermal Mud Spa Rotorua Women in mud bath

        Image Credit: Cameron Mackenzie

        8. Kerosene Creek – Rotorua

        Kerosene Creek is located near Waiotapu Geothermal Park, between Taupo and Rotorua. Although the trail is not completely accessible by car, the short stroll you need to take on foot is definitely worth it. Once you reach the creek, you’ll be able to relax in the natural hot springs with a temperature of around 30°C (86°F).

        9. Omarama Hot Springs

        Looking for the perfect relaxing getaway? Omarama Hot Springs in New Zealands South Island is a must-visit one! Thanks to the incredible mountain views and the option to adjust the temperatures of the water, paying $140 for an entrance is worth the experience.

        10. Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

        Interested in learning a fun fact? Waikite Valley pools are the largest source of 100% geothermal water in the country. The temperatures here range from 35 to 40°C, allowing you to enjoy the soothing waters in one of the six open pools surrounded by lush nature.

          Waikite Valley Thermal pools

          Image credit: Rotorua Tourism

          11. Wairakei Terraces

          At this remarkable natural retreat, you can bathe in therapeutic waters for the ultimate skin rejuvenation effect. This is because the natural hot pools are enriched with silica, which helps restore collagen and boost immunity.

          Wairakei Terraces

          Image Credit: Destination Great Lake Taupō

          12. Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools

          The pools are surrounded by native kōwhai trees and bellbirds, overlooking the amazing sulphur pools with volcanic rocks. Swimming in the heated Aqua Therapy pool will help you increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Or, you can relax in one of the five cascading Hanmer Springs thermal pools, which are connected by a waterfall.

          13. DeBretts Spa Resort

          A group of magnificent outdoor pools (ideal for hydrotherapy), DeBretts Spa Thermal Park is surrounded by amazing natural landscapes. The retreat offers many spa treatments that help restore your mind and body, providing a holistic, rejuvenating journey.

          14. Maruia Hot Springs

          Next, we have Maruia Hot Springs, which are located in the Southern Alps. Although the drive is lengthy, the experience makes it all worth it. Here, you can plunge into the thermal showers, cold plunge pool, and day spa, giving you plenty of options to unwind and restore.

          Maruia Hot Springs

          15. Tekapo Springs

          Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a thermal pool while gazing at the stars? Tekapo Springs allows you to relax in a floating hammock while stargazing! The water has an ideal temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, making it a completely calming venture. In case you want an adventure, there’s also a snow tube park and skating rink.

          Tekapo Springs in winter

          Image Credit: Tekapo Springs

          16. Driftaway Queenstown

          Next on our list of best hot springs in New Zealand is Driftaway Queenstown– New Zealand’s newest holiday park. The place is reachable with a water taxi from Central Queenstown lakefront and offers accommodation and relaxation, all in one! Also, don’t forget to make a full-day trip by reading our ultimate guide for Queenstown!

          17. Waiho Hot Tubs

          The fine dining of hot springs! Waiho Hot Tubs in Franz Josef, allows you to soak and relax surrounded by the dense and luscious West Coast native bush. They have options to BYO snacks and drinks, plus options to add epsom salts or lavender hydrosol to your pool to enhance what is already such a calm and soothing moment.

          18. Omarama Hot Tubs

          The hot tubs in Omarama are some of the few that are suitable for all seasons. They are made from cedarwood, which is heated during winter. You can either go here during the day to soak up the sun or during the night for an unforgettable stargazing experience!

          19. Palm Springs Geothermal Pools

          Located near Helensville, north of Auckland, this geothermal complex will allow you to enjoy a secluded rock pool or an open ocean pool. The entrance fee is $24, with a family-visit option, as well.

          20. Manupirua Hot Pools

          For a little twist on hopping in a hot pool – why not pair it with other enriching experiences to make your heart sing?

          Manupirua Hot Pools on Lake Rotoiti Rotorua

          Image Credit: Rotorua Tourism

          Manupirua Hot Pools is only accessible via water or air, so this glorious little haven is secluded and perfect for a fun, romantic and/or relaxing afternoon! Secluded hot pools overlooking Lake Rotoiti (west of Lake Rotorua) isn’t enough? Try these tours!

          Starlight Gourmet Kayak Experience

          Katoa Jet Boat & Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools

          Lake Rotoiti & Hot Pools Guided Kayak

          21. Onsen Hot Pools

          We saved the best for last, and that is the Onsen Hot Pools! This is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after exploring the capital. Plunge into one of the cedar hot tubs overlooking the Shotover River, just outside of Queenstown, and treat yourself to the best spa adventure.

          Onsen Hot Pools in Queenstown

          Image Credit: Onsen Hot Pools

          Glorious Hot Springs in New Zealand

          We sincerely hope that our hefty list of hot springs in New Zealand will inspire you to book a restorative trip for yourself and your loved ones. After all, everyone deserves to pamper their body and mind in one of the famous hot pools in the country, so don’t miss out on the experience!


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