Respite on Aotea Great Barrier Island

You deserve it


Aotea Great Barrier Island

If you’re looking for an Island Oasis, you’ve just found it. Aotea Great Barrier Island is unparalleled with the excellent options for wellbeing enhancing activities and places. As if multitudinous beaches are not enough, the north east coast of Aotea is a marine reserve, go snorkelling to discover the world beneath the water. By night the whole island is a dark sky sanctuary for incredible stargazing and astrophotography. More? You ask. No worries – Great Barrier has beautiful native bush walks and natural, mineral hot springs – sweat, soothe and rejuvenate! Sounds heavenly doesn’t it? Come and claim your well deserved respite on Aotea Great Barrier Island. 


Great Barrier is located in the Hauraki Gulf, about 4.5 hours by boat off the coast of Auckland, other options to get there are by plane or chartering a helicopter. Hiring a vehicle for yourself or hiring ride are the best ways to get around and there are many accomodation options.

Aotea great barrier island

Dark Sky Sanctuary Stargazing

Soak in the astronomical peace of the stargazing sanctuary islands unspoilt night and the awe of gazing into an endless sky.

The milky way from Great Barrier
Photo credit AucklandNZ

Kaitoke Hot Springs Photo credit Todd Eyre

Aotea great barrier island

Natural, mineral hot springs

The rejuvenating, natural Kaitoke mineral hot springs are a soothing little pocket of Great Barrier Island and definitely good for the soul.

Aotea great barrier island

Native bush tracks & walks

When you’re needing a few days of recoup, strap on you tramping boots and come see what Great Barrier Island is all about.

Sunset at Mt Heale Hut
Photo credit Todd Eyre

Surfers at Medlands beach
Photo Credit AucklandNZ

Aotea great barrier island

Beaches & Bays

Immerse yourself in the revitalising beaches & bays of Great Barrier Island. Explore & play. Be revitalised!